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The Art of Innocence

NOVEMBER 5-9, 2008

Dennis Maher spent 19 years in prison before he was exonerated. Alan Newton was in for 21 years. For Roy Brown, it was 15 years. Meet these three guest exonerees as they tell their stories and we explore and discuss the issues of wrongful convictions in The Art of Innocence, a four-day public awareness program.

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The Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute
and the Oneida County Bar Association present

The Art of Innocence is an arts based public awareness program about our criminal justice system and Wrongful Convictions, its causes, its impact, and the reforms needed to make the system work the way it should.  Featuring screenings of the award winning film, After Innocence, a live performance of the play, The Exonerated, and the local premiere of Blanchard Road, A Murder in the Finger Lakes, a new documentary about the case of exoneree Roy Brown, this 4-day event will be highlighted by the participation of three nationally known exonerees who spent decades in prison before being freed through the efforts of the Innocence Project after DNA positively proved their innocence. 

MEET and talk with these three incredible exonerees, Alan Newton, Dennis Maher (featured in After Innocence), and Roy Brown, and hear firsthand the tragic stories about their original convictions on rape or murder charges, their 15 to 21 years each in prison, and their ultimate exoneration. 

MEET Marc Simon, author and producer of After Innocence, Alex Dunbar, producer of Blanchard Road, and Alba Morales, staff attorney with the Innocent Project.   

MEET the NYC-based cast of The Exonerated after they perform live this former off Broadway show at the Clinton Central School Performing Arts Complex Theater.       

LEARN how these and other wrongful convictions occurred, and what can be done to prevent future such injustices through screenings of these documentaries, panel discussions and talks with Q&A by these exonerees, film producers and other officials. 

When an innocent person is convicted of a crime he did not commit, this is, indeed, a human tragedy.  It would, however, be a greater tragedy if we did not learn from his experiences.   Join us for this exceptional 4-day program!

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After Innocence tells the dramatic and compelling story of the exonerated, innocent people wrongfully imprisoned for decades and then released after DNA evidence proved their innocence. The award winning film focuses on the gripping story of seven men and their emotional journey back into society and efforts to rebuild their lives.

Matinee screenings of this documentary on November 5th and 7th will be followed by a Panel Discussion featuring a guest exoneree and various Central New York officials.  Evening screenings on November 5th and 7th will be followed by a Talk by the exoneree, Q&A, and a Reception. 


Culled from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files, and the public record, this powerful portrayal dramatizes the true accounts of six innocent survivors on death row in their own words.

The Exonerated, originally an off-Broadway production, will be performed live on Saturday, November 8th at the Clinton High School Performing Arts Complex Theatre by the cast from Foster Street Productions, NYC.  The play is directed by Patricia Stone.

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The remarkable story of Roy Brown and his fight to clear his name for a murder he did not commit, is chronicled in a new documentary, "Blanchard Road--A Murder in the Finger Lakes."

Roy Brown, who spent 15 years in prison for a murder he did not commit before being exonerated in January of 2007, was a guest of the Oneida County Bar Association at its Law Day Celebration on May 1, 2008.  Roy and Alex Dunbar, Producer of this film, will join us for the Sunday, November 9th afternoon Utica debut of this film that premiered in Syracuse in September.  The screening will be followed by a short talk and Q&A.  A reception will conclude the Art of Innocence.

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STEVEN BARNES' rape/murder conviction is vacated in Oneida County after 19 years in prison!  

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